How should marketers approach diverse ethnicities? Ask Comcast!

Screen shot 2015-02-02 at 10.40.52 PM burrell_xfinity_bannerRelatability matters, as shown by the latest Census Bureau figures, which have caused marketers to sit up and take notice of previously neglected populations. Two of the largest minority groups are Hispanic Americans representing 17% of the U.S. population and African Americans representing 14% of the U.S. population.

With high buying power and growth potential, marketers of all sizes are taking note, though some more proactively than others. (Comcast, 2012)
Comcast launched microsites specific to diverse communities to initiate and build relationships with ethnic groups, offering access to special programming for African American and Hispanic audiences. “Celebrate Black TV” “Latino”

Comcast created each microsite to bring together culturally relevant entertainment from a variety of sources in a central, easy-to-navigate location. In 2013 alone, the sites achieved more than 3 million visitors. They have seen tremendous growth in Comcast’s On Demand and Online offerings of content designed for these communities.

I feel the efforts made by Comcast to recognize African American and Hispanic Americans unique culture is outstanding. And for these efforts Comcast was honored with various awards, recognizing the company’s commitment and leadership in supporting multicultural communities.

According to Nielsen, 77% of African Americans indicated their heritage was an important part of who they are. Hispanics do not necessarily mirror consumption patterns of all consumers and therefore it is essential to understand their needs and wants as well. Nielsen

Can you name a few Fortune 500 companies that are building relationships and marketing to minority groups?

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