Will you “meet me at Starbucks” for a date?

World’s Largest Starbucks Date!

Starbucks is teaming up with dating site Match.com for a Valentines Day promotion where they will stage the world’s largest Starbucks date on February 13, 2015.

Starbucks is using Twitter https://twitter.com/hashtag/StarbucksDate?src=hash to engage with customers around this seasonably appropriate initiative. Starbucks will be offering coffee and snack promotions, as well as photo props so customers can take photos and share online with the #StarbucksDate hashtag.

Match.com and Starbucks are enabling something that’s already happening.

Having first dates at Starbucks. http://www.prdaily.com/Main/Articles/18049.aspx


The “meet me at Starbucks” media campaign was designed to show the ways consumers use Starbucks to connect with other people. A documentary style video shows a day in the life of Starbucks. http://bcove.me/72v95twd

Twitter has proven to be an incredibly valuable tool for the popular coffee chain with 7.2 million followers Starbucks has been hugely successful. The company has become quite the model for social media therefore I have listed key business lessons that can be learned by following Starbucks social media success:

1. Build a genuine connection with fans. Make it a long-term strategy to identify why consumers love your brand and use social media to build on this. The majority of Starbucks Tweets are directed at specific Twitter users.

2. Make engagement worthwhile. Humanize the experience. Invest in great photography, stories behind your product, and promote exclusive deals. Fans that are connected to Starbucks catch the updated news and product info. Give customers a way to interact on social media.

In October 2013, Starbucks launched a “Tweet-a-Coffee campaign that enabled people to give the gift of a $5 gift card just by putting both @tweetacoffee and a friend’s handle in a tweet. Users had to link their Starbucks account to Twitter and their credit card to the account. Now Starbucks knows the Twitter handle, mobile phone ID and customer ID for at least 54,000 customers and this campaign prompted $180,000 in purchases!

3. Use the brand page as a listening tool. Respond to any issues, or proactively offer answers as customer needs arise. No company wants negative press about them so by responding to customers directly and quickly, this shows that the company cares about the customer who buys its product.

I believe the #Starbucksdate and “meet me at Starbucks” marketing initiatives are innovative and have accomplished building relationships with consumers.

Do you set up meetings at your local Starbucks?
Or better yet have you suggested meeting your blind date at Starbucks?

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1 Response to Will you “meet me at Starbucks” for a date?

  1. Jamie Prister says:

    Great post. very insightful for how large corporations can listen to the voice from every person through social media connection. Really enjoyed reading about the “Tweet-a-coffee” campaign and will have to look for further information. Social media gives every person a voice and is an important way for small or large businesses to remain constantly connected to the people who are utilizing their products frequently.

    thanks for sharing!

    Liked by 1 person

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