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KC Media is an Advertising Media and Marketing Communications company focused on promoting brand awareness, helping clients gain market share and increase sales. KC Media services are tailored to align with its client’s marketing and advertising needs and goals. KCM will provide clients with a broad range of “winning” marketing consulting services. These services include strategic planning as well as tactical implementation. Strategic planning utilizes those processes that lead to an executable marketing plan by identifying areas of opportunity, market segmentation, competitive analysis, and by designing and implementing a plan to reach the desired market most effectively and efficiently. This will serve as a detailed road map for the planning and supervision of all marketing activities. Once completed, the tactical process is initiated leading to the execution of the plan. Other services include multicultural advertising and digital marketing strategies. KC Media also serves as a freelance media specialist for large and small marketing/advertising agencies. If there is a special project for a client, an emergency client pitch, or a need to expand your media department temporary KCM can handle all the elements of media; the planning, research, negotiating, activation, traffic and account management. KCM is a results-driven company that provides a complete range of services with the intention to evaluate various marketing communication tools; choosing those that are best suited to the client’s requirements. Those tools are then combined in such a way as to create meaningful, effective marketing for optimal results.

How many screens do you have and use consistently?

Marketers using Multi-screen campaigns Lexus Case Study “The Other Side of Lexus” connected ads put consumers in the driver seat. To engage 25–34 year old men and promote its F Series performance vehicles, Lexus partnered with Team One and Microsoft … Continue reading

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Will you “meet me at Starbucks” for a date?

World’s Largest Starbucks Date! Starbucks is teaming up with dating site for a Valentines Day promotion where they will stage the world’s largest Starbucks date on February 13, 2015. Starbucks is using Twitter to engage with customers around this … Continue reading

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How should marketers approach diverse ethnicities? Ask Comcast!

Relatability matters, as shown by the latest Census Bureau figures, which have caused marketers to sit up and take notice of previously neglected populations. Two of the largest minority groups are Hispanic Americans representing 17% of the U.S. population and … Continue reading

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5 Reasons to Use Twitter Lists

Originally posted on WVU IMC Blog:
What did I spend my Saturday night doing? Well, in between class readings and discussion posts I decided to re-organize my Twitter feed by updating my lists. I’ve used Twitter lists in the past,…

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Gladiators are you ready?!?! Social TV in just two more days!

Must-Tweet Television Ever since I noticed the buzz around ABC network primetime show Scandal via social media I have been hooked. ABC and the writers are selling an experience and engaging millions of people with weekly do not move from … Continue reading

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Keeping up with Emerging Media

What is Emerging Media? Emerging media covers many platforms and technologies including social, digital and mobile media. Here is a short list of the most dominant emerging media platforms at the present: Web sites Social Media Networks Blogs Podcasts Streaming … Continue reading

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